Human resource management

Human resource management

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Course Summery

Nowadays it becomes clear that the most valuable asset of the organizations are the competent human resources of any organization

Furthermore, in the volatile ever-changing ambiguous management environments the competent human resources are the main sources of competitive advantage for the organizations

Because of human nature, it differentiates these resources from the other ones and so their management gets a lot of complexities and nuances

How you could hunt the best talents? How you could get the best performances from them and how to assess and reward their efforts? How to develop them? and how to define career paths?

In the human resource management course of the American College of Management, you will get the knowledge and skills to address these problems

You will get trained the skills, behaviors, and attitudes needed by a professional HRM professor and coach

you will get coached individually by a professional coach with many years in the field to “practice being an HR Leader/Manager” step by step in action based on a unique framework.

Dr. Bahram Shakiba
DBA Strategic Management

DBA, MBA with more than 15 years of teaching, instructing, coaching and mentoring experience He also has been a senior consultant, practicing the knowledge of management in real fields of both public and business sectors, in a wide variety of industries including: oil, gas and petrochemicals, car manufacturing, steel mills and mining, financial corporations, banking, marketing & commerce, retail, detergent & chemicals, tourism education, etc. with more than 15 years of experience

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