Fast Track English - Pre Intermediate

Fast Track English - Pre Intermediate

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    Bahram Shakiba
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    Applied English
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Course Summery

In our fast track English course, which has uniquely designed for the people who are busy having jobs and responsibilities, you will enjoy learning English fast and smoothly as fun.

For a lot of people around the world learning English as a second language has become a very difficult task and an arduous journey

but in the fast track English course o the American college of management which is based on the principles of the pedagogy and education management you will not just a class of the English but In this course, our very experienced professors with years of teaching English in non-English speaking countries will coach and mentor you to achieve to the advanced levels of English language

What you will learn in this course

  • Speak and discuss fluently
  • Could listen and understand clearly
  • Could write essays and letters easily
  • Could read and understand most of the general written topics
  • Around 20,000 of vocabularies
  • Upper-intermediate grammar

If English is not your first language and you are tired of different courses without results this is the course for you.

 completely guaranteed by the professors with lots of years of successful experience

don’t hesitate to start the fast track English course of the American college of management

Bahram Shakiba
DBA Strategic Management

DBA, MBA with more than 15 years of teaching, instructing, coaching and mentoring experience He also has been a senior consultant, practicing the knowledge of management in real fields of both public and business sectors, in a wide variety of industries including: oil, gas and petrochemicals, car manufacturing, steel mills and mining, financial corporations, banking, marketing & commerce, retail, detergent & chemicals, tourism education, etc. with more than 15 years of experience

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Course Features

  • Credit Hours : 3 Hours
  • Lectures : 48
  • Weeks : 16
  • Students : 1
Price : 500 Enroll Now