Apply for our scholarship programs today.

Eligible new students can apply for our scholarship programs to lower the overall cost of tuition to get the education they want. The good news is that you do not need to pay them back. This means that the ACM invests in your education to help you improve your skills and learn new knowledge. 

             The ACM offers different scholarship programs.

The Developing Countries Special Award Scholarship The ACM offers a broad range of scholarship programs for developing countries across the globe.

The Presidential Award for Scholarship The student with the highest academic rank in the graduating at least 3 courses at American College of Management with the grade of A, as verified by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, is eligible for the President Award of Scholarship. 

The Women in Leadership scholarship To help women gain confidence in accepting leadership opportunities, the College offers a special scholarship program to help these students to achieve their career goals by helping them have access to affordable educational programs. This Scholarship will help women develop additional skills and learn new knowledge that will serve them in the job market to become valued professionals.


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