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Financial Markets
Total course price: 2200

The ACM Financial Market program, unlike the conventional finance programs, provides a detailed analysis of the financial markets around the globe including stock markets, commodities, and the Foreign Exchange market and how they work. Within this program, there are different courses that introduce all major markets, exchanges, their background, as well as technical and fundamental analysis from basic to advanced levels.  Students will get an introduction to stocks and other investment products as well as learning practical applications of how to invest. These courses are designed to help students to make their own decisions with their investment in the stock markets and other financial markets with a solid foundation of theoretical and practical know-how so that they can do their own research and pick the best investment products for their portfolio.  It will equip them with knowledge and tools to find and analyze companies’ financial data and understand the risk of investment and market volatility and the way that market move.  By utilizing the resources and tools that are taught in these courses and offered through different brokerage houses platforms, they can learn how to set proper entry and exit points and understand the market sentiment way better.